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COffee Chemistry

Do you and your morning coffee have a good chemistry vibe going on? Is love in the air? Or perhaps the love is only one sided-you love it, but it does not love you back. In fact, not only does it not love you, it seems to go out of its way to inflict pain onto your guts!

Why does coffee-love hurt so bad?

The general line of thought concerning coffee induced painful guts is that there are too many acids in the coffee you are consuming. This however is only partially true. Yes, there are many acids in your coffee (30 ish), but most of those acids aid in the flavor and richness of taste. The question we should be asking is which acids hurt and which ones aid in the wonderful flavors.

The pain inflicting culprit is 'carbonic acid,' an unnaturally forming acid that occurs

in the brewing process. It is formed when hot water and oxygen are introduced to the ground beans simultaneously. This is sad indeed! However, I do have some good news...

The NoAir Coffee Maker has found a way to prevent this acid from even forming.

Our unique brewing process does this by keeping the grounds totally submerged from the beginning to the end of the brew cycle. The grounds never encounter hot water and oxygen at the same time. And because they are totally submerged, they never become oxidized and never create this bad acid. Instead, the NoAir brews up rich flavorful coffee that not only tastes great, but is easy on the stomach!

So, if you want the romance back into your coffee relationship—look to

The NoAir Coffee Brewing System. Coffee that truly loves you back!

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