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Coffee Beans From Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee beans, (however recently South Sudan has laid claims that title as well). For today's talking points, we're going to focus on the Coffee beans of Ethiopia. The varieties and species of coffee beans that come out of Ethiopia are so diverse and countless, that many are still unidentified.

Ethiopian heirloom coffee beans are unlike any other coffee beans. Due to the mixing of heirloom plants (Moka and Geisha), as well as the mixing in of wild coffee plants, coffee bean size varies from plant to plant and their flavors range from fruity, citrusy, nutty and herbal, and even some blueberry and hints of lemon notes can be detected. The texture is light, with a balanced sweetness.

Ethiopia makes up 5% of the world coffee bean market and is the 5th largest coffee bean producer in the world.

Ethiopian coffee beans are some of my favorite! A very special treat. Give them a try!

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Ethiopian Beans range in flavors and sweetness
Coffee Beans

formation comes from Anette Moldvaer's book Coffee Obsession 2014

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