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It's NOT Espresso, It's Primo!

The next step in the evolution of  espresso...

Improve Your Brewing Experience
  • State Of Vacuum brewing produces a consistently accurate taste profile

  • Delivers sweet tasting notes

  • Leaves the rogue acids behind

  • When you control the chemistry, you control the flavor

  • Prevents the formation of carbonic acid resulting in a super smooth shot from beginning to end

  • Delightful fruity acids

  • Easier to adjust shot strength without compromising quality

  • Complex flavor notes

  • Significantly reduced learning curve

Make PRIMO In 4 Easy Steps

Add Coffee

Simply Add Coffee. 


Plunge Filter

Add Heated Water and Plunge Filter into Vessel.


Pull A Vacuum


Attach Lid/Stopper and Pull a Vacuum.  45 Seconds for Espresso, 90 Seconds for Coffee 


Pour and enjoy

Pour and ENJOY!

If you love espresso, you're going to love Primo!
Why Brew in a State of Vacuum?

Simply put, by removing air from the vessel the atmospheric pressure is lowered which allows the carbon dioxide to escape (evidenced by the foam produced - see Henry's Law). Since flavor compounds are connected to carbon dioxide the full immersion vacuum brewing process is able to accomplish a greater flavor extraction while leaving the sour notes and rogue acids behind.


Coffee, the favorite drink of the civilized world.

- Thomas Jefferson

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