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Single Origin Specialty Brewer

The next step in the evolution of  coffee!

If you Buy Specialty Coffee Beans, You
Need a Specialty Brewer!
Improve Your Brewing Experience
  • State Of Vacuum brewing produces a consistently accurate taste profile

  • Delivers sweet tasting notes

  • Leaves the rogue acids behind

  • When you control the chemistry, you control the flavor

  • Prevents the formation of carbonic acid resulting in a super smooth cup from beginning to end

  • Delightful fruity acids from your favorite light roasts

  • Easier to adjust brew strength without compromising quality

Make Great Coffee In 4 Easy Steps

Add Coffee

Simply Add Coffee. 


Plunge Filter

Add Heated Water and Plunge Filter into Vessel.


Pull A Vacuum


Attach Lid/Stopper and Pull a Vacuum.  45 Seconds for Espresso, 90 Seconds for Coffee 


Pour and enjoy

Pour and ENJOY!

Why Brew in a State of Vacuum?

Simply put, by removing air from the vessel the atmospheric pressure is lowered which allows the carbon dioxide (trapped in the ground coffee) to escape, evidenced by the foam produced. Since flavor compounds are connected to carbon dioxide the full immersion vacuum brewing process is able to accomplish a greater flavor extraction while leaving the sour notes and rogue acids behind.


Coffee, the favorite drink of the civilized world.

- Thomas Jefferson

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