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Ice Coffee

No Oxidation

Full Immersion means No Oxidation and No Stale Aftertastes! 

Cold Coffee

Cold Brew

Full Immersion Vacuum

Restricts Bacterial Growth

Vacuum Brewing removes oxygen which restricts bacterial growth for entire brew cycle 

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Better Flavor

Vacuum Brewing is a powerful flavor extraction method 

A Cold Brew Breakthrough


Do you love cold brew, but hate the stale aftertastes? Do you wish it would brew faster and fresher? Do you worry about bacterial growth?
The NoAir Coffee System brews in a State-Of-Vacuum for the entire brew cycle, creating healthy, fresh  cold brew that is full of complex flavors that linger on the tongue. And, since oxidation is eliminated there are no stale aftertastes to ruin the experience.


Portable & Compact

Great for Van Life, Camping, or Travel

Made of Double Wall Stainless Steel and Tritan Plastic, this vessel is sturdy, durable and compact. All its elements fit inside, and it can convert into a travel mug that fits most standard cup holders

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Built With High Quality Materials

  • Vacuum Insulated Vessel

  • Tritan Plastic top Chamber

  • 200 Micron Stainless Filter

  • Food Grade silicone and rubber elements

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Recipes at Bottom of Page

Easy To Use

  • Add 6-8 Tablespoons of medium or coarse ground coffee

  • Add 23 oz water

  • Draw a vacuum with the simple hand pump (6-8 pulls)

  • Brew 8-10 hrs

  • In the morning, release vacuum, pour out and enjoy

  • Yields about 20 oz

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NoAir VS Competition
Cold Brew NoAir Vs Other Cold Brew Methods Comparison Chart
Triple Blended Coffee Beans

True Taste Profile

With Vacuum Brewing, the brewed coffee tastes as good as the coffee beans smell! 


Cold Brew Concentrate

Vacuum Brewing allows you to adjust the amount of flavor you want to extract from the beans.


Cold Brew Latte

Warm it up or make a cold brew latte like you have never experienced before!

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Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing is a powerful flavor extractor and allows you to dial in your   favorite taste profile!

Coffee Table


  • 10 Pumps for 6 hour brew cycle.

  • 8 Pumps for 8 hour brew cycle.

  • 6 Pumps for 10 hour brew cycle

Un-Boxing Your Cold Brewer


Basic Cold Brew

  • Add 6-8 Tablespoons of ground coffee (34g)

  • Add 24 oz of room temperature water

  • Draw a vacuum

  • Let brew for 8-12 hours

  • Release vacuum pressure, pour and enjoy

Iced Cold Brew

  • Add 10 tbsp ground coffee (50g) (5 fluid oz)

  • Add 22oz room temp water (650ml/g)

  • Pump until you can feel firm resistance (about 8-10 pumps)

  • Brew for 8 hours (and no longer than 12)

  • Total yield is about 18oz

  • Total caffeine content is about 700mg

  • Recommend 10 oz per day limit

Cold Brew Concentrate

  • 16 Tbsp (8oz) ground coffee (80g)

  • Add 20oz room temp water (600ml/g)

  • Pump until you can feel firm resistance (about 8-10 pumps)

  • Brew for 8 hours (and no longer than 12)

  • Total yield is about 14oz

  • Total caffeine content is about 1,120mg

  • Recommended limit of 5oz per day

Cold Brew Sparkler

Use 1 part basic cold brew, and 1 part chilled sparkling water

Hybrid Brew

  • Add 7 tbsp ground coffee (35g)

  • Add 23.5oz HOT tap water (695ml/g) 140 degrees or lower! NEVER hotter!

  • Draw a vacuum and pump until you can feel firm resistance (about 8-10 pumps)

  • Brew for 15 minutes

  • Total yield is about 22.5 oz

  • Caffeine is about 490mg total

  • Total recommended per day limit is 16oz

Pour Out Tip for Basic Brewer

As you decant the brew, twist as you pour.  Sometimes it even helps to put the silver cap on top and shake several times to unclog the grounds from around the filter. 

Cocoa-Mocha De Loco

  • Make the basic cold brew recipe & set aside. 

  • In sauce pan warm up 1/2 Cup of chocolate milk (Oat milk, coconut milk - or whatever you prefer)

  • Froth to a nice foam

  • Divide the amounts into two mugs, then pour the cold brew over the top (heated or cold)

  • Top with favorite toppings

User Manual For Cold Brew

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