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Cold Brew Technology with NoAir System


Do you love cold brew, but hate the stale aftertastes? Do you wish it would brew faster and fresher?
The NoAir Coffee System makes Cold Brew in a vacuum-sealed environment for the entire brew cycle, creating fresh, rich,  complex flavors that linger on the tongue. And, since oxidation is eliminated there are no stale aftertastes.

Moreover, it brews fast. In as little as 8 hours your cold brew is ready for you to enjoy!

Cold Brew NoAir Vs Other Cold Brew Methods Comparison Chart
Cold Brew Vacuum Brewing is Fresher

Vacuum Brewing Is Fresher

Vacuum Brewing prevents oxidation, keeping your cold brew fresh for the entire brew cycle. It prevents the stale aftertaste typically found with traditional cold brew methods.   

Vacuum Brewing Is Faster 

The NoAir Cold Brewer completes its brewing cycle in 6-8 hours, which is twice as fast as the typically recommended time of 12-16 hours of traditional cold brew methods. 

NoAir Cold Brew Vacuum Brewing is Faster
NoAir Cold Brew Vacuum Brewing is more flavorful

Vacuum Brewing 

Vacuum Brewing Is Flavorful

Our patent pending Full Immersion Vacuum method is a powerful extraction process. By lowering the atmospheric pressure inside the vessel the CO2 threshold is reached, which allows the gas to escape from the ground coffee, through the brew water and into the vacuum chamber. Removing CO2 in this manner promotes a full saturation of the ground coffee and ultimately an excellent flavor transfer. The result is a cold brew that tastes as good as your ground coffee smells! The NoAir is unique in its ability to produce this level of accuracy in the taste profile of a cold brew product. Fresh roasted, fresh ground single origin coffees taste amazing when brewed in the NoAir Coffee System.

Cold Brew

Built With High Quality Materials

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Insulated Vessel

  • Tritan Plastic Vacuum Chamber

  • 200 Micron Stainless Filter

  • Food Grade silicone and rubber elements

Take it camping, traveling and on every adventure.

Great for the office.

Will brew for many years!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This COLD BREW VESSEL is made to withstand room temperatures ONLY!

The Cold Brew Vessel is a dedicated COLD BREWER ONLY!



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