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Cold Brew UpGrade Kit

For all of our Hot Brew Kickstarter Backers who have recieved a Cold Brew Upgrade Kit, this page is for you. 

Up-Grade Kit includes:
New Tritan Top with one black seal already affixed. 
One white washer.
One small red washer.

Take Old 'Hot Brewer' Tritan Top off of vessel and remove its black sealing gasket. Next affix that black gasket to NEW Tritan Top (Place old 'Hot" tritan top into recycle bin and don't use it again for cold brew). The Cold brewer needs two seals to hold a seal for 8 hours or more. 
Now, take your stopper and affix the second white washer onto it, and then add the small red centering washer to it as well. 
You are ready to cold brew. 
Recipes and Cold Brewing Instructions are on the Cold Brew Page

Cold Brew Concentrate


Bean Storage

Travel Lid

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