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The NoAir
Iced Coffee Solution

Now Comes With a Removable Filter and Travel Lid. 
The Iced Coffee Dilemma
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Espresso Machines make hot concentrate but require significant investments of time and money, not to mention the learning curve. Furthermore, rogue acids and extreme bitterness can make it difficult to create smooth tasting iced coffee.

It's possible to make "strong" coffee with the various presses, however the end product still relies on steeping technology combined with the slight amount of pressure one may be able to exert with his/her forearm. Not only is it difficult to consistently make great concentrate, much time is spent and much ice is lost during the process of heating the water up, only to ice it back down. 

Some traditional cold brew methods can make concentrate, but they rely on "soaking" technology and require long and inconvenient brew times. They lack flavor when brewed in the refrigerator, and produce a stale aftertaste when brewed at room temperature. 

Making Iced Coffee at Home is a Challenge -
Because, It's Hard to Make Delicious Concentrate...

Delicious Iced Coffee requires delicious concentrate so that as the ice melts the coffee will retain its flavor. The problem is, no method currently exists that consistently produces great tasting concentrate. 

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The Fastest Morning Routine!
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Remove Filter, Attach Travel Lid, and GO! Coffee Stays Cold or Hot for 8 Hours
Easy to Use
  • Simply add 1/2 cup ground coffee (45 grams) 

  • Add room temperature water to fill line

  • Attach stopper and draw vacuum with simple hand pump

  • Let brew for 8 hours

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The Science Behind the Patent

A.R.T.T. = Atmospheric Reduction Transfer Technology

  • By reducing the atmospheric pressure inside the brewing vessel with a simple hand held vacuum pump, combined with our Full Immersion design, the partial pressure threshold of carbon dioxide is crossed

  • As described by Henry's Law, carbon dioxide is then able to escape, which allows the ground coffee to absorb more water and thus transfer more flavor compounds into the brew water

  • Unlike traditional cold brewing which develops a stale aftertaste while brewing for up to 16 hours, the A.R.T.T. process brews in 8 hours, pulls in more flavors and stays vacuum sealed fresh for the entire brew cycle--NO STALE AFTERTASTE!  

Four Years from Prototype to Patent!

It has been a long and challenging process beginning in 2020 with our initial application for a provisional patent with the USPTO, until April 2024 when we finally received notification of approval. 

We've been through many prototypes using everything from rock tumblers to sauerkraut makers until we arrived at our current design. It was an exciting day when we were finally able to run a comparison test against a traditional cold brewer and experience the significant improvement in flavor and freshness. We are 100% confident you will have the same experience!

The NoAir Story

We are a small family business working hard to introduce our newly patented technology to the market. Classic Americana–small family business battling the big budgets of marketing driven corporations.

We originally developed this technology in 2020 and applied for the official patent the following year. It has been quite a saga, but we finally received patent approval in April 2024. It truly is a one-of-a-kind technology and we believe it will add a whole new dimension to the art of brewing coffee.

We are a tight knit family and believe in loyalty. When you purchase a NoAir Coffee System you become part of that family. We believe in what we’re doing and are dedicated to the cause of providing a better experience to the coffee drinkers in this world.

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