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Are you experiencing brewing problems with your NoAir?

Let us help you pinpoint the problem so that you can back to drinking delicious coffee ASAP!

We realize that there is a small learning curve when first starting to brew in the NoAir. So, if you run into any problems, check out the troubleshooting section below to see if it can help with your questions. If problems persist, reach out to us at

Troubleshooting Your NoAir

Even though we tested each vessel before we sent it on its way, we realize that problems arise. That is what this section is for. If your vessel is not working the correct way, let us help you pinpoint the issue and solve the problem.

Clear Top section does not screw in correctly

If your clear top  does not attach to the bottom steel section correctly try to screw counter clock wise until you feel the threads drop in to the correct lower threads, then use force and push the top downwards as you screw clockwise. Do not over tighten.
If the threads will not engage, contact us at for further instructions and help. 
Not dishwasher safe!

Stopper does not hold a vacuum

If stopper does not seem to be holding a vacuum, there are several things to try.

1) Attach stopper to fork, then hold stopper under very hot water for 60 seconds or more. This keeps the rubber pliable.

2) Place a drop of food oil onto black gasket that is around the base of clear top. This will help to hold a seal for entire brew cycle. Oil gasket once a week or more to ensure seal.

3) See the gasket configuration (picture below) to ensure the gasket is sitting properly

4) Take the stopper apart by removing the top rounded part at seam. Make sure there are no loose rubber pieces. Push the knob up and down to make it more flexible.
If problem continues, contact us at for further help and instructions.

Replacement parts can be ordered through this website

Cold Brew washers are not holding a vacuum for 8-10 hours

Make sure that there are two white washers affixed to the stopper when brewing COLD BREW.  Wash and wipe the washer to ensure there are no oils on the washers or around the neck of clear top .

Rub food/mineral oil onto black gasket that is attached to bottom of clear top just above threads. Consent the gasket configuration  picture below to ensure that gasket is laying flat and is not twisted or flipped. This helps to hold a vacuum. 

If problem still continues, contact us at

My coffee is not brewing up smooth

Make sure that you add 23-24 oz or a little more of heated water to the brewer--don't just fill to fill line (sometimes water levels drop below fill line when grounds and water settle). If there is not enough water in the vessel, the grounds will become oxidized and taste sour and cause  painful stomach.

Also, do not over-pump your brew. Follow directions on recipe page. Draw a vacuum until foam reaches bottom of stopper (about 4-6 pumps), let foam subside (you can swirl the vessel to help settle the foam). Repeat one or two more times depending on your taste preference.  Brew for one and a half to two minutes.

Gasket Configuration

NoAir Coffee System Gasket Configuration
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