Multicolor Coffees

In my quest to create a better cold brewer, I invented a better way to brew cold brew AND hot brewed coffee. 
I am happy to introduce Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing!

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Are you tired of drinking coffee that hurts you guts? You are not alone. Millions of people like you suffer from coffee induced pain!

The NoAir Hot Coffee Maker uses a Patent Pending radically new and better coffee brewing process. Full Immersion prevents painful carbonic acid formation, while Vacuum Brewing forcefully draws massive flavors from the beans. This one-two coffee punch gives you a low acid, pain free, rich and smooth cup of hot coffee every time you brew. 

 Low-Acid Gourmet Coffee Maker

This patent pending coffee maker exceeded its crowdfunding goal by 1,772%

The Brewer For Single Origin Beans

Tasting the flavors from beans grown around the world is a delicious experience. But does your brewer effectively coax and draw those flavors out the way you'd like? 

The NoAir's unique brewing system draws massive flavors from the beans. Flavors you have never experienced before. 

Flavors such as chocolate notes from a Hawaiian blend, or fruity flavors from an Ethiopian blend, and so much more. 
 Why spend money on gourmet beans if you cannot fully appreciate their various and delicious flavor notes?

Tasting is believing!

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