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Multicolor Coffees

This patent pending coffee maker exceeded its crowdfunding goal by 1,772%

Full Immersion Vacuum... A Powerful Coffee Flavor Extraction Process

Instead of forcing water through ground beans like an espresso machine, or pouring water over ground beans like pod, drip and most other methods, our patent pending extraction method utilizes the formidable power of negative atmospheric pressure created by vacuum to literally pull flavor compounds out of the ground beans and deposit them in the brew water. The NoAir Method gives you:
  • Smooth balanced flavor extraction

  • Prevents the formation of rogue acids

  • Removes trapped CO2 evidenced by the foam which allows the grounds to fully saturate and transfer their complex flavor notes to the brew water

  • Consistently great results

Experience Delicious Low-Acid Coffee!
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 Prevents Oxidation and Painful Carbonic Acid Formation 

Does Coffee hurt your stomach? You are not alone. Millions  like you suffer from coffee induced stomach pain.

The NoAir Coffee System's low-acid coffee maker is a new and better way to brew coffee. Our unique brewing process prevents the formation of painful carbonic acid. 

Carbonic acid is formed when ground coffee is introduced to hot water and air simultaneously, which happens in most traditional brewing systems. Carbonic acid is not a naturally occurring coffee acid, and is often the culprit behind painful guts. In fact, in larger doses carbonic acid can be used medicinally to induce vomiting. Needless to say it can create stomach havoc!
NoAir's unique method prevents carbonic acid from forming.


How The NoAir Prevents Carbonic Acid

Our FULL IMMERSION process keeps the grounds submerged for the entire brew cycle. Therefore the ground coffee is not exposed to air and water simultaneously, thus preventing the formation of carbonic acid. 

Combined with our VACUUM BREWING technology, where the ground coffee is forced to release trapped CO2, conditions become optimized for a full flavor extraction. This one-two coffee punch gives you rich flavorful coffee that is easy on the stomach.

Love The Taste Of Exotic Beans

Tasting the flavors from beans grown around the world is a delicious experience. But does your brewer consistently draw out an accurate taste profile? 

The NoAir's method consistently accomplishes a True and Accurate flavor extraction every time you use it. 

 Why spend money on gourmet beans if you cannot fully appreciate their complex and delicious flavor notes?

Tasting is believing!

Did you know that a coffee bean carries over 800 flavor compounds? However, once that bean gets roasted, those flavors are trapped inside. 

The trick to brewing great tasting flavorful coffee is finding a way to remove the gases that trap the flavors.

Single Origin

If you enjoy trying single origin coffee beans grown around the world, then you will love the way the NoAir draws out the unique flavor  nuances from the beans-either hot brewed or cold brewed. Now you can experience brown sugar flavors from beans grown in Mexico, or exotic spices and Jasmine from beans grown in Ethiopia, and so much more!
NoAir Lets you experience a TRUE taste profile of the coffee beans you choose!

Made from Highest Quality Materials  all parts labeled (1000 × 1000 px).jpg
  • Insulated double wall stainless steel vessel

  • Tritan plastic vacuum chamber

  • 200 micron mesh stainless filter

  • Silicone funnel

  • Food grade stopper and pump

We call it a "Coffee System"
because NoAir brews it all:

  • Cold Brew

  • Hot Brew

  • Espresso Style

  • Press Style

  • Turkish Style

  • Instant Coffee

  • Tea of all kinds

Trust The Science

NoAir Brewing Technology is based on Henry's Law. It is a gas law which explains that by lowering the atmospheric pressure around a liquid, trapped gases escape once their atmospheric pressure threshold is crossed.

The science behind NoAir is real and easy to verify (evidenced by the escaping foam observed in the vacuum chamber).

The NoAir is a new and better way to brew!

Here Are Some Reviews

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Full Refund

I don't think I can go back to another brew system at this point. So easy, fast, and tastes so good! It also uses less beans. A Kickstarter Backer

Mr. Coffee has been moved to the pantry!  A Kickstarter Backer

Coming from an Aeropress and pour-over system, I'm finding that I use the same amount of grounds and getting twice as much coffee with similar strength. Much smoother. I am very satisfied!
A Kickstarter Backer

This is the next evolution in coffee!

A Kickstarter Backer

1st sip, "Mmm, this is good." Second sip, "This is crazy!: 
Pro Barista

Pain, The Mother Of Invention

Hot coffee caused my stomach much turmoil. After some research, I learned that cold brewed coffee was supposed to be easier on the guts - so I made the leap.  It was easier on the stomach, but I wasn't satisfied with the taste, especially the stale aftertaste. I set out to find a better way to brew. 

And, I did! I Really Did!

All of us here at NoAir hope you will love the coffee, espresso, and teas brewed and pulled and steeped in the NoAir as much as we do. 
Give it a try! Tasting is believing!

The NoAir Does It All

  • Brew loose leaf tea, tea bags or Yerba Matte tea for rich full flavor

  • Brew delicious vacuum sealed cold brew coffee in 6-8 hours with NO STALE Aftertaste

  • Brew concentrated coffee then pour it over ice for the best bitter-free flavorful iced coffee

  • Brew amazing Hot Concentrate (espresso style) to make your favorite specialty drinks (Lattes, Cappuccinos, and Cocoa-Mocha-DiLocos (Check out our recipes)

  • And of course, your favorite morning hot brew. Grocery store, pre-ground, store ground, organic single origin home ground. Any grind size, any brand, it all tastes great brewed in the NoAir

Cup of Coffee
Multicolor Coffees
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