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The NoAir Brews it all; A regular 'Joe', Americanos, double concentrate, iced coffee, triple and quads for concentrated espresso style drinks. 
Cold brew like you have never experienced before, and all types of teas.
We call it a 'coffee system' because it brews it all!

Double Dark Concentrate (for Latte style drinks)

Add 8 Tbsp of ground coffee (40 g)
Add 20.5 fl oz of heated water (600 g/ml)

3 pump cycles. (Pump at 1 minute mark, 1:30 & 2:00 mark.)
Brew for 2:30
Yield 19 fl oz
Caffeine 560 mg.
Max recommended is 13 oz

Double Dark Concentrate (Latte style) Recipe

Loose leave tea or tea pearls

Place tea leaves or pearls into bottom of the vessel. Assemble as ususal. Add 23-24 Oz of boiling water. Draw a vacuum and let steep for 2:30 minutes. Release vacuum, pour and enjoy

Tea Cups

Cold Brew

Add 27 grams (4-6 scoops) of grounds into your NoAir vessel. Put vessel brewer together as usual. Add 22 oz cold water (fill line).

Attach two white washers to the stopper.
Draw a vacuum and set out overnight or store in fridge

NoAir Coffee System Cold Brew Recipe


Add 4 scoops (18-25 grams) of your favorite grounds into the NoAir vessel. Brew as usual (3 vacuum draws with an interval of 30 seconds between each draw).

Froth up or heat up 1/4 cup chocolate milk or chocolate oat milk (oat is the best). Combine the two into your mug. Add sprinkles. This is delicious and  my favorite!

Cocoa-Mocha-De'Loco Recipe

Super "Chill"

Add 20-25 grams (4-5 scoops of your favorite grounds to the NoAir vessel. Brew as usual.

Pour into sealable container (travel mug is best) and set in your fridge overnight. In the morning, take your chilled coffee out the door with you. No other brewed coffee tastes better as it cools. Only the NoAir can claim this delicious phenomenon 

NoAir Super "Chill" Recipe

Quad Dark. Espresso Style

Add 15 Tbl Spoons of ground coffee (75 g) (7.5 fl oz)

Add 19.5 fl. Oz (577 ml/g) of heated water (195 F)
Draw vacuum. (4 pump cycles at one minute mark, 1:20, 1:40 & 2:00)

Brew for 2:30-2:45. (Start timer at water pour in)
Total yield  of cupped coffee is 18 fl oz.
Total caffeine is about 1,050 mg
Recommended max per day is 7 oz​

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