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  • Can I add less then 22 oz of water?
    No. The water must be above the filter line otherwise carbonic acid will form and the brew will taste bitter. Full Immersion is a very important step in the brewing process.
  • Can I order and get shipped outside of USA?
    Yes, but shipping charges will be higher than those shipped inside USA.
  • How can I order replacement parts?
    You can order replacement parts by going to the product page and order the replacment parts you need.
  • Can I brew tea in this vessel?
    Yes, absolutely! The NoAir brews incredible teas of all sorts, as well as Yerba Mate. We recommend Jasmine tea pearls (they smell like Heaven and tastes even better), or looseleaf black tea. But, even tea bags work and it brews amazing tea drinks.
  • How can I tweak my brew?
    More coffee grounds makes the brew stronger and richer. Longer brewing time also makes it stronger. And the opposite is true, less grounds and shorter brew time create a weaker brew flavor. Coffee grind size also will create a slightly different brew strength. Fresh ground beans increases the quality of taste. Water temperature will slightly alter the flavor. So, feel free to dial in your preferred taste profile. Have fun
  • What is the best brewing method? Times and amounts of vacuum?
    After you pour the water to the fill line (where the stainless steel meets the clear top), insert the stopper into the neck of the vessel, attach the vacuum to the stopper and draw upwards to form your first vacuum (3-4 pumps) Only draw upward enough times so that the foam enters the neck of clear top, but not too much that the foam enters the vacuum pump. This can cause the hot liquid to spill out and potentially burn your hand. Wait for 30-45 seconds. Draw the second vacuum (repeat steps), and wait for 30-45 seconds. Then draw the third vacuum and wait 30-45 seconds. Remove the vacuum pumper by lifting staight up and off. Release the preassure on the stopper by moving the center knob to the right or to the left until you hear air being sucked back into the vessel (There will be no back spray because air is being pulled back into the vessel). Pour and enjoy. The super saturated grounds tend to clog around the filter making pouring a bit slow. You can remidy this by turning your vessel as you pour, and by allowing the vessel to pour slowly. This brewer allows you to tweek your favorite recipie by adding more or less time between draws, or by adding more vacuum draws altogether.
  • Can I order in bulk?
    Yes you can order as many as you like!
  • Can I use my vessel in a commercial setting?
  • What is Carbonic Acid?
    Carbonic acid is not a naturally forming coffee acid. This fiendish acid is the culprit behind painful guts as well as the sour after tastes in coffee. It does not promote good coffee tasting bitterness, but instead detracts from the good coffee tasting bitterness that many people find pleasant. Carbonic Acid is formed when CO2 is released from the grounds all while being introduced to oxygen and hot water simultaneously. The NoAir Coffee Maker prevents this acid from forming by keeping the grounds fully submerged below the water line for the entire brew cycle, thus the grounds cannot become oxidized, create carbonic acid nor can they create bad sour after tastes. We think you will be happy with your FULL IMMERSION brewing results.
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