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Low-Acid Coffee Maker

Does Coffee hurt your stomach? You are not alone. Millions  like you suffer from coffee induced stomach pain.

The NoAir Coffee System's low-acid coffee maker is a new and better way to brew coffee. Our unique brewing process prevents the formation of painful carbonic acid. 

This patent pending coffee maker exceeded its crowdfunding goal by 1,772%

What is carbonic acid?

Carbonic acid is formed when ground coffee is introduced to hot water and air simultaneously, which happens in most traditional brewing systems. Carbonic acid is not a naturally occurring coffee acid, and is often the culprit behind painful guts. In fact, in larger doses carbonic acid can be used medicinally to induce vomiting. Needless to say it can create stomach havoc!
NoAir's unique brewing method prevents carbonic acid from forming.


Stomach Ache
NoAir System prevents Carbonic Acid

How The NoAir Prevents Carbonic Acid

Our FULL IMMERSION brewing process keeps the grounds submerged for the entire brew cycle. Therefore the ground coffee is not exposed to air and water simultaneously, thus preventing the formation of carbonic acid. 

Combined with our VACUUM BREWING technology, where the ground coffee is forced to release trapped CO2, conditions become optimized for a full flavor extraction. This one-two coffee punch gives you rich flavorful coffee that is easy on the stomach.

Trust The Science

NoAir Brewing Technology is based on Henry's Law. It is a gas law which explains that by lowering the atmospheric pressure around a liquid, trapped gases escape once their atmospheric pressure threshold is crossed.

The science behind NoAir is real and easy to verify (evidenced by the escaping foam observed in the vacuum chamber).

The NoAir is a new and better way to brew!


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