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We are a small family run company. My dad invented the NoAir Coffee System because hot coffee caused a whole lot of stomach turmoil for him. However, his jump to cold brewed coffee left him unsatisfied. Lucky for us that it did, because that disappointment started him on a journey to create a better way to brew cold brewed coffee.

Yet, not only did he find a better way to brew cold brew, but he found a better way to brew hot coffee and hot teas as well. Best of all, he discovered a way to brew Hot coffee that is easy on the guts!

We hope that you will love the way the NoAir brews up your favorite hot and cold coffee and tea drinks as much as we do. 
Tasting is believing!

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The NoAir Story


Hello. I am Tony Dodd the inventor of the NoAir. I'd like to tell you a story...a true story.

Not so long ago and in a land that is not so far away (Texas), I found myself having terrible stomach pain every morning as I drank my coffee. The pain became so severe that I decided to give up drinking hot coffee altogether.  So, it was with much sadness and grief and gnashing of teeth that I finally made the switch to cold brew.

I wish I could say it was a pleasant transition, but I cannot tell a lie-since this is a true story. The sad truth is that cold brew left me completely unsatisfied. I found that all cold brews tasted flat, flavorless and stale.

This monumental disappointment however, set me on a mission to invent a more technically advanced way to brew better tasting cold brew coffee.  
After several unsuccessful attempts and many months full of poor results, out of the blue I had a thought, "What if I brewed under a vacuum?" The results were improved, I am happy to say, but it wasn't until I found a way to keep the grounds completely submerged for the entire brew cycle all while brewing under a vacuum, that I knew I found the solution! The smooth flavors and the fresh taste that this process brewed up blew my slippers quite literally off my feet every time I drank it's delicious nectar! 
Furthermore, to my great surprise and joy, upon further testing I realized that the NoAir process worked wonderfully with hot brewed coffee as well!


I knew I discovered a treasure of great worth and immediately applied for a patent, and then I started sharing my find with friends and family, neighboring villages and shires.

And as the world started discovering the NoAir, something wonderful began to happen. People started laughing again, the world started to live in harmony, and every kingdom and every coffee drinking subject in that kingdom lived happily ever after!

The End. 
Seriously though, I hope you love NoAir brewing as much as we do!
Enjoy and live happily ever after!


We'd love to hear from you!

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