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Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing

A Cold Brew Breakthrough!

Using Science To Brew Better Coffee

Why Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing Works!

Once a bean is roasted, Co2 is trapped inside along with over 800 flavor compounds. The Co2 and flavor compounds become entangled. The challenge for every coffee brewing system is to find a way to remove as much flavor as you can from the bean. However, the CO2 stands in the way, and makes flavor extraction very difficult...for everyone else except for the NoAir System!
Vacuum Brewing lowers the atmospheric pressure in the brewing vessel, allowing the CO2 a way of easy escape. The Full Immersion captures the flavor compounds, and lets them dissolve in the brew water and be passed on to your mug!

Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing 
For  Consistent Flavor Extraction

After four years of development and testing we have learned that this amazing new brewing process works equally as well for intense extractions like espresso (but without the sour notes and rogue acids), good ole regular strength American style coffee, as it does for our tried and true Cold-Brew extraction method. Our newly designed hot brewer The PRIMO prototype (see PRIMO page) is our espresso-like brewer.

Carbon dioxide becomes trapped and entangled with the flavor compounds in coffee when roasted. The Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing process un-entangles the flavor compounds from the carbon dioxide, removes the carbon dioxide without forming carbonic acid, and leaves the flavor compounds to dissolve in your brew water.

TL;DR - Makes a great cup full of good notes, empty of bad notes

Why It Matters for Cold-Brew
  • Prevents Microbial Growth

  • More/Better Flavor Extraction

  • Prevents Oxidation and Stale Aftertastes

  • Brews in Half The Time

  • Offers A True Taste Profile

  • Durable, Compact, Travel Friendly

  • Converts to Travel Rig

  • Smooth Concentrate For Lattes

  • Loves the Planet 

Why It Matters For Concentrated Extractions

Our intense extraction brewer, the Primo, is similar to an espresso in that it uses a 2 to 1 brewing ratio (water to coffee), is pulled in about 45 seconds  and is full of fruity acids and intense flavor. It is unlike espresso in that our brewing process brings out amazing sweet notes while leaving the oxidation, sour notes, and rogue acids behind to provide you with the ultimate tasting experience. 

     It truly is a confection of coffee!


The regular strength brew is a single origin lover's dream. The complex flavor notes burst from your cup when brewing an Ethiopian Sidamo or an Guatemalan Huehuetenango and all without the sourness of traditional brewing methods that can so often ruin the experience.  

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NoAir Story

Like most entrepreneurs, NoAir Coffee System started in my basement as an idea and and a possible solution to a problem.

The problem was that cold brew tasted stale, flat and had me concerned about bacterial growth. I set out to design and build a healthier brewer that made more flavorful cold brew. As simple as that.

With much trial, error, and scientific discovery, I perfected the Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing process and immediately applied for a patent. 
Now Cold Brew, Hot Brew and Espresso can taste more flavorful, can have consistently delicious results that are full of rich tasting notes, and taste smooth from the first sip to the last!
I hope you enjoy the NoAir brewing process and the delicious nectar it produces as much as we do! Enjoy!

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