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Make Healthier Cold Brew Coffee

We've developed an innovative cold brewing process that restricts bacterial growth, brews faster and tastes great!

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Benefits Over Traditional Cold Brew Methods
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A Healthier Way to
Cold Brew

Vacuum Sealed Brewing Prevents
Microbial Growth

Traditional cold brewing methods allow bacteria to grow, but our patent pending vacuum sealed process restricts microbial growth.
Adding our Full Immersion design creates a two fold safety measure in the battle against bacteria. 

**The NoAir Coffee System is the only coffee maker on the market that actually brews in a STATE of VACUUM**

Our state of vacuum removes the effects of oxidation and that means: NO MORE STALE AFTERTASTES! 
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Enjoy Healthier Cold Brew 
that Tastes Better!
Accurate/Complex Taste Profile
Vacuum Brewing Accelerates the Process and Intensifies the Flavor Extraction 

The decrease in atmospheric pressure created by the state of vacuum activates Henry's Law which allows trapped CO2 to escape (evidenced by the foam) and the flavor compounds are pulled along for the ride. Unlike traditional cold brewing methods which merely rely on "seeping" technology, the NoAir's high-tech Vacuum Brewing Process is a powerful flavor extraction method which delivers an accurate taste profile (the liquid coffee tastes just like the ground coffee smells). It's a great choice for enjoying your favorite single origin coffee beans!

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Brews Twice as Fast

Traditional cold brew takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to brew. But, due to the accelerated brew time made possible by our state of vacuum, you can have delicious cold brew in as little as 6 hours. Better still, you can actually control the brew time based upon the number of pump cycles you apply (pull on the pump 8 times for an 8 hour brew time, or only apply 6 pulls for an 10 hour brew time). 

Forgot to make your cold brew the night before? No Problem! You can have delicious HyBrid Brew in as little as 15 minutes. Simply use hot tap water instead of room temperature water. It brews fast, but still stays smooth and bitter free. When it's done simply add ice, or heat it in the microwave and you are ready to roll for the day. 


Makes Excellent Concentrate

Unlike most modern cold brewer designs the NoAir is able to brew up to 6:1 concentrate which makes a great base for all your favorite lattes and specialty style drinks. Simply mix at a 1:1 ratio (half coffee, half milk) for some of the best lattes you have ever tasted!

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 Durable, Compact, Great For
Camp & Van Life

Made of double wall stainless steel and a tough Tritan top this cold brewer is sturdy and perfect for travel. All the pieces fit inside so nothing gets lost. Perfect for camping, and all your adventures. Small enough to fit in your backpack, big enough to fill that empty spot only good coffee can! Easy to use and easy to pack!

Converts to a Travel Mug

The convenience is off the charts with this one! The Brewing Vessel converts into a double wall insulated mug complete with travel lid, that fits most standard cup holders! 

A True Confection of Coffee

The regular strength brew is a single origin lover's dream. The complex flavor notes burst from your cup when brewing an Ethiopian Sidamo or an Guatemalan Huehuetenango and all without the stale aftertastes of traditional brewing methods that can so often ruin the experience.  

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