Why I Invented the
NoAir Brewer

I invented the NoAir Coffee System because hot coffee caused me a whole lot of stomach turmoil and I knew I had to make some coffee drinking changes. However, my jump from hot coffee to cold brewed coffee left me completely unsatisfied. The stale and flat tastes coming from traditional cold brewers convinced me that there had to be a better way to brew cold coffee. This is when I became completely submerged in everything coffee, and made some pretty radical cold brewing discoveries.

Yet, not only did I discover a better way to brew cold brew, but I discovered a better way to brew hot coffee and hot teas as well. 

All of us here at NoAir hope that you will love the way the NoAir brews up your favorite hot and cold coffee and tea drinks as much as we do. 
Tasting is believing!

What is A NoAir Brewer

Full Immersion Vacuum Brewing

Unlike traditional hot brewers, our patent pending brewing method prevents the formation of painful carbonic acid by removing trapped CO2 (evidenced by the foam), which also opens the way for a full flavor extraction.

Finally, coffee that loves you back.


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A Leap In Cold Brewing Technology

Full Immersion Vacuum brewing is a leap in Cold Brew Technology.
The NoAir eliminates stale aftertastes due to excessive oxidation, by brewing vacuum sealed fresh for the entire brew cycle, giving you full flavored cold brew in only 8 hours!
Flavorful, Fresh & Fast!


I don't think I can go back to another brew system at this point. So easy. Fast, and tastes so good, and also uses less beans. A Kickstarter Backer

Coming from an Aeropress and pour-over system, I'm finding that I use the same amount of grounds and getting twice as much coffee with similar strength. Much smoother. I am very satisfied!
A Kickstarter Backer

"My stomach likes this coffee!" Coffee drinker

""This is the next step in the evolution of coffee" A Kickstarter Backer

Mr. Coffee has been moved to the pantry!  A Kickstarter Backer

1st sip, "Mmmm, it's good." 2nd sip, "That IS CRAZY!"  Pro Barista

"This coffee makes me want to chugg my face off"


Is Like Owning Five Brewers In One

  • Brew loose leaf tea, tea bags or Yerba Matte tea for rich full flavor

  • Brew delicious vacuum sealed cold brew coffee in less then 9 hours with NO STALE Aftertaste

  • Brew concentrated coffee then pour it over ice for the best bitter-free flavorful iced coffee

  • Brew amazing hot Quad Dark Concentrate (espresso style) to make your favorite specialty drinks (Lattes, cappuccinos, and Cocoa-Mocha-DiLocos (Check out our recipes)

  • And of course, your favorite morning hot brew. Grocery store, pre-ground, store ground, organic single origin home ground, you name it, the NoAir coffee system will brew it up delicious!

Herbal Tea
Ice Coffee Drink

Does Hot Coffee Hurt Your Stomach?

The NoAir prevents the formation of carbonic acid-the main culprit behind painful guts.

Are You Tired Of Inconsistent Brewing Results?

The NoAir offers a new level of brewing consistency!

 Removing the trapped CO2 gives you the ability to fine tune your brew to your preferred flavor profile...every day!

Does your cold brewed coffee taste stale?

Unlike traditional methods, which can produce a stale aftertaste due to excessive oxidation, NoAir cold brew stays vacuum sealed fresh, and maximizes the amazing  flavors of your favorite single origin !

"First I drink the coffee, then I do the things."

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