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A New Camp & Travel Coffee Solution

Portable, Convenient, Wilderness Tough
& Brews Great Coffee!
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Limited Quantity at 50% OFF 

A New Way to Brew in the Wild! 

We all want hot coffee on the trail, but how you drink it and how you brew it are two different things! Brewing with boiling water can be frustrating and even dangerous when in the wild, and usually leads to bitter coffee with a sour/acidy aftertaste.

What if all you had to do was warm it up to enjoy your hot coffee? What if you didn’t have to “make” it in the morning because delicious coffee (with no sour/acidy aftertaste) brewed while you were sleeping? That’s one less step, it’s easier on your camp routine, and a whole lot safer than boiling water and transferring it to another container. 

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Add Coffee                     Add Water                         Pull Vacuum

Our NEWLY PATENTED Brewing technology brews while you sleep by using the extraction force of vacuum to pull out those wonderful flavor compounds: NO BOILING WATER REQUIRED! 

So drink it hot or over ice, either way it will be the most delicious coffee you’ve ever tasted or your money back!

Made For The Adventure Seekers
  • Rugged double wall stainless steel design is wilderness tough for camping, hiking and survival

  • Provides the easiest, fastest solution for your morning wilderness routine

  • Removing the filter and attaching the travel lid converts the brewing vessel into a travel mug that keeps your coffee hot or cold for 8 hours!

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Remove Filter, attach travel lid, and coffee stays cold or hot for 8 hours
This Multi-purpose vessel means less gear
to carry into the wild
  • Converts into a water bottle that keeps cold for 8 hours

  • All coffee making components fit neatly inside vessel, but also comes with component bag for storage

  • No extra drinking mugs needed

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Carry Bag for Safe & Easy Transport
Easy To Use
Simple to Make
  • Add coffee to filter basket

  • Pour in water to fill line

  • Pull 8 times on the simple hand pump

  • Brews in 8 hours while you sleep

Simple To Serve
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Heat it Up
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Pour Over Ice
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Drink it straight to enjoy the full flavors

Environmentally Awesome

Unlike our competitor's designs which generate BILLIONS of plastic pods and paper filters that end up in landfills every year, our coffee maker features a reusable stainless steel filter and requires no paper filters or plastic pods. The coffee drinkers of the world are now able to experience superior quality coffee, and produce ZERO landfill waste in brewing it. As this product makes its way around the world the elimination of this steady stream of plastic and paper into landfills will be staggering!

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Zero waste! No Pods, No Filters, Only Biodegradable Grounds
The Science Behind The Brew
A.R.T.T. = Atmospheric Reduction Transfer Technology
  • By reducing the atmospheric pressure inside the brewing vessel with a simple hand held vacuum pump, combined with our Full Immersion design, the partial pressure threshold of carbon dioxide is crossed

  • As described by Henry's Law, a gas law, the carbon dioxide is then able to escape, which allows the ground coffee to absorb more water and thus transfer more flavor compounds into the brew water

  • Unlike traditional cold brewing which develops a stale aftertaste while brewing for up to 16 hours, the A.R.T.T. process brews in 8 hours, pulls in more flavors and stays vacuum sealed fresh for the entire brew cycle--NO STALE AFTERTASTE!  

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A.R.T.T. = Atmospheric Reduction Transfer Technology
Accurate/Complex Taste Profile
Vacuum Brewing Accelerates the Process and Intensifies the Flavor Extraction 

The decrease in atmospheric pressure created by the state of vacuum activates Henry's Law which allows trapped CO2 to escape (evidenced by the foam) and the flavor compounds are pulled along for the ride. Unlike traditional cold brewing methods which merely rely on "seeping" technology, the NoAir's high-tech Vacuum Brewing Process is a powerful flavor extraction method which delivers an accurate taste profile (the liquid coffee tastes just like the ground coffee smells). It's a great choice for enjoying your favorite single origin coffee beans!

A True Confection of Coffee

The regular strength brew is a single origin lover's dream. The complex flavor notes burst from your cup when brewing an Ethiopian Sidamo or an Guatemalan Huehuetenango and all without the stale aftertastes of traditional brewing methods that can so often ruin the experience.  

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 Durable, Compact, Great For
Camp & Van Life

Made of double wall stainless steel and a tough Tritan top this cold brewer is sturdy and perfect for travel. All the pieces fit inside so nothing gets lost. Perfect for camping, and all your adventures. Small enough to fit in your backpack, big enough to fill that empty spot only good coffee can! Easy to use and easy to pack!

Converts to a Travel Mug

The convenience is off the charts with this one! The Brewing Vessel converts into a double wall insulated mug complete with travel lid, that fits most standard cup holders! 

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